The first reading to check out is: James Curran (2010):  ‘The future of journalism’ , Journalism studies 11.4 (p 464 – 476)

This piece of work contains very interesting and strongly phrased opinions on the impact of the Internet in the world of journalism. Overall Curran is saying: ‘A journalism Armageddon is not nigh: sandwich boards can be put away’ (page 469) Despite popular belief that online journalism is replacing the traditional and ‘old fashion’ print ( something that is easily  debatable) – Curran clearly underlines it has not …yet.

Throughout the reading, he does point out that the online revolution is changing the idea of journalism but he also points out common issues such as money. One of the most important points put forward here is that online journalism, although immensely popular, struggled at the start to financially support journalism as a whole because of its attempt to attract readers with free news.

‘ However, erecting paywalls offers no ready solution. It is likely to reduce greatly the number of visitors, and associated advertising, because people expect Web content to be free. In the case of national news websites, many users will be able to access free alternatives, and will do so rather than pay.’ (page 467)

As many may already be aware of, some websites eg. The Times have used paywalls (paying money to read news) in an attempt to profit. However as Curran mentioned: their audience dropped drastically as a result. This is particularly the case because paywalls are on the Internet – the easiest form of getting news for free from various sources. However, advertisement has made it easier to gain at least some profit through ‘ugly banners’ – whether this means in the future online will become more financially stable and even scrap the need for traditional print journalism is yet to be seen.

What do you think?


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