This interview, among four other interviews with journalists, shows a common feeling among them that social medias are a crucial, irreplaceable tool in their profession. As a tool to make any journalist stand out, express themselves and  find new sources or connections.  A study by PHYS.ORG confirms this idea as well as other key facts such as:

–  39% of respondents said that social media has improved their productivity. The most popular social media among UK journalists is Twitter (80%)

–  Those who agree social media enables them to be more engaged with their audience is down from 43% in 2011 to 27%.

–  Age is the most important demographic influence on social media use.

– The media sector-  journalists work has a more significant impact on their uses and views than other professional factors.

– Using Forrester Research Tecnographics segmentation model as a comparison, the study revealed that journalists’ personal, non-work use of social media differs from those of the general population.

– Journalists are much more active general users and they play a key role in the world of social media through content creation, networking and other active uses.

(Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-09-journalists-social-media.html#jCp)

It suggests that: Journalists see social media as a necessary tool to be considered a ‘good’ journalist

With so many different types of journalists it is hard to claim how they use it, however the importance of social medias in their profession is clear. All the journalists interviewed also pointed out that the fastest way to be a successful journalist is to create an online presence and master social networking in a growing profession that is becoming more technology related then any other skill.



4 thoughts on “Interview with Drew Hillier – social medias and their importance to journalists

    • Yup, I’ve recently did a survey that suggested most people do not interact with a news website – they read and move on. Shares and recommendations are used sometimes but I am guessing it is only for those ‘shocking’ or strange news stories.


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