When we think of journalism we imagine journalists searching for news stories far and wide, writing magazines/ newspaper articles and going to a person’s doorstep for an interview. In several ways it is still like that – however, new people going into the field are finding that everything they will be doing at the start will be online (once one gets past the coffee fetching part). Many professional journalists are focusing on online. Job applicants that do not have an online presence or have no online applicable skills will either have to have a connection in the world of journalism or be an extremely lucky person.

If you look at the previous post (Interview with well-known journalists) all the professionals confirm that being online-savvy is becoming increasingly important, not only to enter the world of journalism but also to survive in it in the future. Journalism is a profession that moves with technology – it is heavily reliant on knowing how to use the internet (more so than the public may think) some of the most useful skills being:

  • Knowing how to use social medias.
  • Knowing how to use video/photo editors.
  • How to hyperlink/ spread work.
  • Creating an online profile / blog.
  • Knowing how and where to research online.

ID-10074109 (1)

Image courtesy of: KROMKRATHOG at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Of course, some areas of journalism do not need all these skills, but by simply having them one creates an image of being a serious journalist and is also given the opportunity to be an independent journalist. The most successful journalists are the ones that keep up with the latest trend – both in general news and technology. Multi-skilled journalists are treasured – surprisingly even doing an I.T course will boost your standing as a journalist.


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