As I was asked to write a short piece on a place I had visited I thought I would share it on my blog:

Carpino, otherwise known as “Città dell’olio” (‘The city of oil’ as it is surrounded by olive trees) is a hidden gem in Italy that feels like it did not keep up with the passage of time, antique both in the way it appears and the way they live their daily lives.

A beautiful town in touch with nature and ideal for those that want a quiet holiday away from the complications of city life to explore a vast area untouched by the tourism industry. Of course, a hidden town has specific times in the year to visit. Between July and August is the best period to go as cultural festivals and folk music livens up this usually quiet town and you can have a clear picture of their love of culture and traditions.

Revival of an entire town

During the summer period the town is asleep during the day, almost to the point that it feels like a ghost town as many sleep during the peak heat hours. Once night falls the town is suddenly revived and music fills the town square alongside dancing and laughter – a magical, unexpected transformation.

Those looking for an exciting holiday with activities, parties or shopping will disappointingly only find  enough shops for necessities as the purpose of this town is for a natural, laid back experience with little to do except exploring the mountainous nature around the town and the unique architecture; making it an unpopular choice for thrill seekers.

Transportation is the main concern of a town that has not developed much over the years as very few buses go past Carpino, making travelling to areas that are further then walking distance difficult without a car.

There is a lot of explore in the area from mountains and the large, gorgeous lake Varano to the nearby beaches and neighboring towns. Its oldest building, the Church of San Cirillo dates back to around the 1300s. The cuisine is all home grown and is true to its Italian traditions, many visit Carpino simply for the cuisine.

As it is built on a mountainous region, travelers will often find themselves travelling upwards. After a good legs-workout, they will be rewarded with a fantastic view of the perfect relationship between humanity and nature. It is a holiday for those that truly want to relax and whose idea of a good time is a quiet one.

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