Life is meant for living and with so many unique events throughout the UK every year there is something for everyone. These are some of the most interesting events happening in the UK this month and a fantastic reason to get up from your sofa and explore your own neighborhood.


March Edition


Crufts 2014 in Birmingham

 6-9 March

One of the biggest dog events in England is coming to Birmingham at the NEC this March, bringing us some of the most talented dogs in the country in a competition you would be barking mad to miss.

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Bristol’s Improv festival 2014

8-16 March

The Improv Festival in Bristol this March sets out to change the boring tradition of actors simply memorizing lines and acting out a play that everyone knows the ending to. How do they do this? By simply making it up as they go along – giving acting an extra special omph.

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Super Comic Con 2014

15-16 March

Artistic comics brought to life, heroes casually walking by and comic-fanatics out of their mother’s basement – this can only mean one thing: that London’s Super Comic Con is around the corner.

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Isle of Wight – Acoustic Isle festival

13-23 March

The Isle of Wight is quickly becoming the place to go if you love all types of songs, the latest addition to the growing number of music festivals is the Acoustic Isle event this March – an island wide celebration.

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St Patrick’s day 2014

16th March

St Patrick’s day is a beloved time of the year. For some it is a time to celebrate the revered St Patrick himself, for others it is a time to celebrate their proud, rich Irish culture and for the rest it is simply a time to drink till they don’t know which way is up – preferably with Ireland’s trademark Guinness.

St Patrick’s day is around the corner and if you haven’t decided on where to go to find the most green, here is a list of the top spots to visit in the UK.

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The London Head of the River Race

29th March

Competition is the spice of life, and even the freezing cold waters of the River Thames cannot cool down this heated annual race.

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UK Film Festivals


UK Film Festivals throughout March feature raw emotions by the newer generation of producers, unseen in Hollywood.

Giving movie-goers an exciting reason to travel and rising film directors the opportunity to gain support and become the next generation of movie producers. These festivals run throughout March and April.

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Bristol’s Fashion Week

March 26-30th

Fashion Week is coming to Bristol’s Mall this March, featuring 18 catwalk shows and a tempting follow-up shopping spree.

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Bristol improv image courtesy of: Francis Xavier     Comic Con image: Istolethetv   Isle of Wight image: Ronald Saunders River Thames image: Mick Lobb Film Festival image: Bart   Fashion week: Oliver Luma

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