Whether you love receiving your news on social media, plan to visit Birmingham or already live there; this is a list of the top accounts to follow on Twitter if you want to truly taste Brum’s unique, cultural flavor with added tips and events.




1. Birmingham Culture

The name is pretty self explanatory, is easy to find and is loyally updated. Great to follow if you want to experience everything. One of the best.





2. Visit Birmingham

Wants us to … visit Birmingham. Their posts are to the point just like their name. Always well-maintained.





3. I Am Birmingham

Not literally the embodiment of Birmingham but another big cultural event sharer with general news on what’s going on in Birmingham, well worth following.





4. IndpndtBirmingham

Promising to expose the hidden gems in Birmingham, this is a great follow to find places to eat, hard to find special deals and places to check out. Not always as strong in the cultural event department. If your interested in where to eat and discounts on meals, also check out: @foodbirmingham





5. CreatedinBirmingham

 “Linking up Birmingham’s artistic and cultural communities since ’06” Need I say more?






The name may make it easiar to miss compared to the rest but it is still equally as informative with the added bonus of a polar bear in glasses.

7. Birmingham Mail

Mixed into the local news, weather and sports there are also updates on events going on in Birmingham or news related to culture and locations. Would be higher up but not focused on culture, events nor exploration.



8. Birmingham Post

It is a no brainer to follow a news group that posts on events, business news as well as Birmingham news in general. As with the Birmingham Mail, not always about cultural news / events so not higher up – but both are the top for general Birmingham news. (Same with DailyBRUM )





 10. Bham City Council

May seem mainstream for some, but you cannot deny it tells you what is going on in Birmingham and gives you ideas outside of journalistic news on what going on nearby.



11. Mac Birmingham

Midland’s most visited art center that posts on all things cultural and artistic in Birmingham.


macbirmingham's front twitter page

12. IChooseBirmingham

Although their website’s weekly emails seem like a better option, their Twitter account is still worth checking out.



13. Birmingham Hippodrome

 Although not encompassing all forms of culture or events in the city. The Hippodrome is still a cultural hub in Birmingham for all things dance, music, opera and comedy.




14. CustardFactory

Excluding the fact that it is: “the revolutionary creative and digital quarter based in Digbeth” It does very well to inform us about the rest of Birmingham and its event.





15. Birmingham Retweet

Pretty much retweets general news on Birmingham, in particular weather, with some of the above listees making a appearance on Birmingham Retweet’s feed



16. Library Of Birmingham

Don’t underestimate this on Twitter. The library goes past informing us solely on closing times and book releases on Twitter, it also posts on cultural events taking place there (which is fairly often) and is in touch with the community more so than the common library.




17. Birmingham City University and Birmingham University

@MyBCU  and @unibirmingham
You usually wouldn’t follow a university, but these universities often have cultural events in them or take part in some way. They are deep;y connected to the city and events inside them are often open to the public.




18. This is Birmingham

Although it doesn’t have much in cultural events it does have a lot of information and collection of pictures of Birmingham both past, present and most likely, future.




19. The REP

Birmingham’s premier producing theater, very particular on its own performances, but also very cultural.





20. BhamPostEditor

Only tweets on events once in awhile but nearly always post interesting facts and info on Birmingham in general.




This list doesn’t include the Twitter accounts of individual events themselves as:
  • There are too many to cover
  • Some take place only once a year
  • Certain events appeal to certain people.
  • … and the list above will mention most events as they happen anyway, but these events are still worth checking out as they happen.


I’m sure many other account deserve to be in these top 20, so make sure to comment below and help perfect the list.


If you want to follow these top 20, click here to subscribe to it. Or follow me on: @_Alex_Iaco_



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