Birmingham Dogs Home launched its annual fundraising drive to give our canine friends a better Christmas.

The charity drive was set up to buy food and other essentials in order to support the increase of dogs brought in during the festive period


Helen Dooley, the assistant manager from Birmingham Dogs Home, says that while support is needed all year round, donations were particularly important at this time of year.


“We don’t get any government funding, we rely purely on public donation. And the public is usually absolutely fantastic, we can never have enough.”

The turkey dinner and stockings filled with toys were just one of the many things coming into the Home last year, they have even received blankets and towels from the nearby prison.



Helen Dooley with her little friend

The Christmas period has often been seen as a time to adopt puppies as presents, but Helen said that it is actually a tough financial period where the rate of dogs coming in increases. She added:



“We have to be careful around Christmas because they think a puppy is what they want for Christmas and that is why we don’t put puppies on show. Puppies are for life and we don’t want to see them come back.”



Can you say no to this face?

There can be a number of reasons as to why dogs are handed into the home, some stranger than others, Helen admits. One example was an elderly gentleman that came in with a little dog and claimed he could not look after it. She said he had came in and claimed that his wife had died and that he could no longer look after the animal.



“The next thing I know, we received a call from his wife. She said: ‘My husband has brought my dog in’. I thought oh my god, honestly it was one of the strangest situations. For him to be so genuine about his dog and be in floods of tears, but because his wife left him for another man, this is what he had done

The annual campaign lasts from November until January.  If you would like to help Birmingham Dogs Home, you can donate by texting ‘XMAS28’ than either £3, £5 or £7 to 70070 to donate or buy Christmas cards online. You can also call 0121 643 5211.



Christmas is coming to Birmingham Dogs Home

… So donate and bring them a joyful season


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