Despite email being described as: “The unsexy older cousin of social media”, email veterans: Tom Cullen, creator of the ‘I Choose Birmingham Newsletter and Michael Katz, Blue Penguin newsletter founder and author both explain the underestimated uses of email and why it is still worth doing.


In this section we asked: what particular features or usage of email newsletters stands out to them, publishing consistency and its strength as a platform.




 1. Is there any particular usage or feature in email that stands out to you compared to other social media?


 “With email you can have a connection with your reader … and the fact that it is so closed offers a club feel, like you are part of a click”




“If I send you an email, it ends up directly in your inbox. If I post it on social media, even if you are a heavy user, you could easily miss it”





2. How important is email newsletter publishing consistency, as in same day, same time – every time?


 “It is a case of experimenting when you first launch but as people start to get use to what you do, get use to your content, get use to it arriving weekly – they start to look forward to it so it is important to have a date and time”





“If you don’t establish a routine, it is sort of like going to the gym, it slowly becomes this thing that is not a priority. Companies keep delaying and before you know it, they stop publishing”







 3. Do you think email is too weak as a platform to grow an audience around without the support of a content-filled website or social media?



 “You have to be able to do one thing well, before you start doing three things well.” Focus on one, than later let them work hand-in-hand.




“Email is not the easy thing it use to be, people are more selective about what they read and busy” Creation of content is the first thing, than think about distribution


 The second part of this interview is available here.



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